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Large Size Buddha

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Gautama Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. He was a philosopher, mendicant, meditator and an ethereal master who gave his disciples the teachings on Karma and rebirth, while believing on the merits of actions such as sharing, renunciation, wisdom, diligence, truthfulness and equanimity.

The divinely chaste figure is amazingly shown as a colossal yet aesthetic beauty, elegantly entrancing the spectator in its magnanimous and magnificent mien. The brass statue is enveloped in a beautifully embroidered dupatta that gracefully lays back over its surface, as the Buddha is apparelled in pleated-tulip trousers. The sculpture encapsulates the antique classical artistry, commending the fabulous craft, as the Buddha sits peacefully on a double-layered podium with the upper surface hovering over the lower base, both of them being emblazoned in breathtaking, spherical petal designs.

The sculpture is finely carved to portray the ringlet curls that adorn the head, with the intricately drawn ears that drape downwards, as it depicts the Buddha getting rid of the strands of ignorance. The perfect artistry is exhibited as the straight stature of Buddha is designed, to represent his courage and boldness, captivating the eye-catching, grim and focused expression of the Buddha with splendid master strokes, as the Lord curls his right hand fingers' to show a yogi's posture, with his left hand resting on the back over his legs, as he meditates. The figurine acts as an aureole of illumination for all his followers who look up to his sculpture's grandeur and glory for Nirvana.


Brass Statue

5.00 inch Height x 4.00 inch Width x 2.50 inch Depth
215 Kg.

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