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Shipping and Insurance answers

Q. Do you ship Internationally?

A. Yes, we ship to all countries having diplomatic relations with India, including USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, France, Italy, etc.

Q. Is Shipping free? Or is it charged extra?

A. No, prices listed on the site are inclusive of all shipping and handling charges. There are no hidden costs.

Q. Is Shipping free? Or is it charged extra?

A. No, prices listed on the site are inclusive of all shipping and handling charges. There are no hidden costs. 

Q. Do I need any paperwork? I take it that these are international shipments, will I have to get my consignment cleared from Customs?

A. No, Indian Arts takes all responsibility for delivery to your doorsteps. Our strategic alliance with UPS and Federal Express ensures that all paperwork and customs formalities are taken care of without any effort from you. In fact, for our customers, there is no difference than if the packet was shipped locally.

Q. Do you ship by Federal Express only?

A. All orders more than $ 50 in value are shipped by UPS/Federal Express. Orders less than that are shipped by Registered Air Mail.

Q. What are the shipping times? How soon can I expect delivery, if I place my order today?

A. Delivery is expected within 4 to 6 business days from the date of shipment. All orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt of orders, except for orders for framed paintings. Delivery for shipments made by Registered Air Mail can take slightly longer.

Q. Are the shipments insured?

A. All orders are sent insured. Claims are provided if the shipment is lost or damaged during transit.

Product related answers

Q. I am interested in a few of your Sold Items. How can I order them?

A. Items marked as sold are no longer in stock. However, you are welcome to email us with the item codes of your interest and we will revert to you in case similar pieces can be made available in the near future.

Q. Are these items one of a kind? Can I order for more than 1 piece?

A. Indeed, the items showcased on the site are hand-picked, unique artworks, and only in exceptional cases are more than one of a kind are available.

Q. What are stone colors?

A. Stone colors are water-colors made from stones. For example, green color is created from Malachite stone, blue from Lapis Lazuli, and so on. This unique Indian method of preparation of colors has been passed down from generations, since hundreds of years ago, when it was discovered.

Q. What do you mean by 'antiquated'? Are they antiques? Do you deal in antiques?

A. The Government of India does not allow for the sale of any article more than 100 years old outside India. We do not deal in antiques. The antiquated artworks are artworks which are provided an old look about them by the artist. In most cases they are no older than 20 to 30 years.

Q. These artworks are so beautiful, are they prints? If they are original, how are they so inexpensive?

A. All artworks on the site are original, created by accomplished artists, who have learnt their skills from their earlier generations. Indian Arts sources all artworks directly from these artists, because of which we are able to offer these unique works at reasonable costs to the buyer.

Q. Do you have a catalog?

A. Our artworks are unique and non-duplicable. Though many pieces may look similar, no two pieces can be exactly the same. For this reason, we have found that a Printed Catalog of our products may carry only a very limited profile of our articles. Our online store is thus the best possible reflection of the products we can offer.


Miscellaneous Answers

Q. Are prices listed in US Dollars?

A. Yes, prices are quoted in US Dollars.

Q. Can I pay in any currency other than US Dollars?

A. Yes, we accept all currencies. For offline payments (by Checks/Money Orders), please pay the equivalent amount, after converting the value in US Dollars to your local currency. If you are paying by Credit Card, your card will automatically be charged in your local currency.

Q. Do you share my contact information with any third person?

A. Indian Arts takes your privacy very seriously. Your contact information is never shared with any third person, company, individual, or web site.

Q. How soon can I expect to receive the item I have back-ordered?

A. For back order items, the time mentioned is approximate only. We try our best to have them shipped within the stated time. However, since all our products are hand made, delay is possible due to circumstances beyond our control.

Q. Can I use your images on my website or publication?

A. All images displayed on this website are copyrighted to Indian Arts. Kindly contact us at info@indianartss.com for permission to use.