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The Majestic Lord Sadashiva, Shiva of Great Cosmic Beauty Bronze Statue

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Lord Sadashiva is the very picture of the multiplicity that Indian deities are all about. A number of texts expounding such a form of Lord Shiva could be traced from Southeast Asian and Eastern Indian scripture, which variously describe Him as a multifaceted Mukhalingam. Despite the fact that the texts expound a five-faced deity, the numberlessness of similar deities in the Hindu pantheon has more to do with their superhuman capacities than with mere numbers.

Lord Sadashiva is more of a Southern deity. This explains why He is to be found in some abundance amongst the artisan-studios in that part of the country. The one you see on this page has been handpicked from the studios of Southern bronzeworkers, the home of which is in present-day Swamimalai. From the one-of-a-kind subject to the high-precision artisanry the same has been captured in, this one is a fine example of the region’s workmanship.

A plethora of handsomely sculpted faces, the heads crowned, bear a composure of divine bliss. The Lord is possessed of numerous weapons to fight adharma with, apart from the anterior two meting out blessings to devotees. The tallness of His stature is complemented by the gracious pedestal that lies beneath His feet, a multitiered structure engraved with lotus petals all over. The gold finish of the murti features green undertones that are highly characteristic.




17.80 inch Height x 13.70 inch Width x 5.50 inch Depth
14.3 Kg.
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