The ceremonial bowl occupies a significant place in Indian ritual. From the singing bowls of Nepal and Tibet, to the urli adornments found in homes of the subcontinent and libation-containing patras of the pooja rooms within, these bowls are designed to aid the ancient rites conducted in homes, temples, and monasteries to this day. Singing bowls constitute the majority of the merchandise in this section. An integral part of the Buddhist lifestyle, these have been handpicked from local artisans in Nepal and Tibet. Exquisite bronzes etched with the images of Buddhist deities, each of which is one of a kind, have been fashioned with considerable skill and precision. As meditational aids, the Buddhist singing bowls in our collection would be a valuable addition to the personal practice of any lover of the Buddha, given their unparalleled aesthetic appeal and the fact that these implements are actually endemic works of art.
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